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The structure of the clients portfolios of Agrární půdní fond s.r.o.

The total value of client portfolios as at 31.12.2022 was CZK 395,502,285. Compared to the balance as of 25.9.2022, the total value increased by CZK 60,488,910 (18.05%).

This value is made up of the core products Investment agricultural land IZP, Long-term investment in agricultural land DIZP and Individual portfolio IP. The largest share of the total value is accounted for by the IP product, i.e. 84.13 %. The highest % increase in value was reported for the DIZP product, i.e. 80.76 %.

The value of the portfolios secured by the Future Purchase Agreement amounts to CZK 139,478,710, which represents 35.27% of the total value of the client portfolios.

In 2022, secured income in the form of advance payments to clients for the future purchase price in accordance with the concluded agreements on future purchase contract was paid in the total amount of CZK 6,110,608.


Economic results of Agrární půdní fond s.r.o. in 2021

  • Administrative fees (APF commission) were reported for 2021 in the total amount of CZK 5,452,572. These are standard commissions from concluded client portfolios and additional commissions received when the returns exceeded the guaranteed return in accordance with the business conditions of APF products.
  • In 2021, we completed 372 trades with a total value of CZK 182,842,049 and with a total area of 4,429,768 m² (443 ha). The total number of completed trades increased by 49% compared to 2020.
  • Over the year 2021, APF by itself sold land with a total value of CZK 6,269,193 (17 trades), with an average gross profitability of 29.24%. The gross profit from these transactions amounted to CZK 1,418,431.
  • In 2021, the owner of APF sold land with a total value of CZK 7,362,242 (21 trades) with an average gross profitability of 31.21%. The gross profit from these transactions amounted to CZK 1,751,290. The funds obtained from sales of land owned by the company’s owner were reinvested into APF in the form of an increase in stock capital to a total of CZK 5,100,000 and in the form of a long-term liability to an associate in the amounts of CZK 5,829,006 (RE Services & Investments s.r.o.) and CZK 1,327,939 (directly the owner of the company as a natural person). The total amount of liabilities to the owner of the company was CZK 7,156,945.
  • As of 31 December 2021, the credit provided by the banking institution was reduced to a total of CZK 4,197,227.
  • In August 2021, APF started a subscription for APFD 7.5/25 corporate bonds. The value of the subscribed bonds as of 31 December 2021 was CZK 2,300,000. The funds obtained through the subscription for bonds were used to purchase agricultural land into the ownership of APF.
  • The total value of APF’s assets as of 31 December 2021 was CZK 27,539,515. This value consisted mainly of tangible fixed assets (63.31%) – agricultural land.

The value of equity: CZK 9,160,957

The annual total net turnover: CZK 7,335,003

The operating result: CZK 5,211,720

Ratio of Equity to Total Assets
Equity ratio 1:

Ratio (equity + liabilities to associates) and Total Assets
Equity ratio 2:

Debt ratio ((external sources – liabilities to associates – accrued liabilities)/equity): 57,18%

Interim results as of 30.9.2022

Value of equity: 19.344 thousand CZK

The annual total net turnover: 39.259 thousand CZK

The operating result: 11.180 thousand CZK

Total value of assets: 76.580 thousand CZK

APF GROUP revenue structure


1) commission for arranging the sale of agricultural land

2) administrative fees for the management of client portfolios

3) fees for the management of funds entrusted to them

4) fees for the conclusion of option contracts

5) proceeds from the sale of agricultural land owned by APF GROUP

6) interest income from savings accounts

7) interest income on bonds purchased

8) rental income from agricultural land owned by APF GROUP

9) income from swap transactions within the APF GROUP

10) income from revaluation of assets within alternative funds