APF Coin

Combining the benefits of digital assets with the benefits of real investment in agricultural land

What do you get when you buy APF Coin?

  • Stable token covered by real value – agricultural land owned by APF CRYPTO CR s.r.o.
  • Staking in the amount of 10% p.a. with income continuously credited to your wallet within the blockchain. After 6 months, it is possible to transfer the yield to the desired fiat currency.
  • Profit share of 70% from the sale of agricultural land fixed within the blockchain in favor of the client for APFC. The average amount of appreciation when selling agricultural land is 15%. The owner of the land is the company APF CRYPTO CR s.r.o. Realization of the business within 12 months from the execution of land fixation.
  • Option to purchase for APFC a bond of Agrární půdní fond s.r.o. with an annual yield of 7.5% and maturity in 2025. Semi-annual payout of earnings in fiat currency or in APFC as per client’s choice.
  • Long-term real investment – purchase of agricultural land for APFC to be owned by the client with quarterly income payments in fiat currency or in APFC according to the client’s choice. The minimum annual appreciation is 15%. The client is the owner of the land. Land management is provided by Agrární půdní fond s.r.o.
  • Share in the net profit of APF CRYPTO CR s.r.o. for the relevant calendar year in the amount corresponding to the share of owned APFCs to the total amount of issued APFCs. The share is paid in fiat currency or in APFC according to the client’s choice.
  • Ability to trade APFC on the secondary market (crypto exchange) at market prices.

What is the project's goal?

The goal of the APF CRYPTO CR project is to combine the advantages of digital assets with the advantages of real investments in agricultural land. Due to the stable development of agricultural land prices in the country and market conditions, we offer clients a more conservative form of investment in crypto assets.

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